Friends, Romans, Kabayan…

25 Feb

I haven’t been blogging this year, but couldn’t resist when I saw this billboard in my metro station.  Can you guess what country this is in?  Who it’s written for?  What language it is? (Okay maybe the last one isn’t that tricky…)


If you do recognize this ad, then maybe you’ve recently been in the Dubai Marina metro station in the UAE.  And if you understood all the lexis in this ad, then you’re probably Filipino or familiar with the culture.  It turns out  that Kabayan is a Filipino term for countryman and adobo is the name of a popular Filipino dish (thanks Google).Adobo

So why did this ad make such an impression on me?

I suppose it’s because of the endless discussion and debate in ELT concerning English as a Lingua Franca, who English belongs to, what English we should be teaching, etc.  Outside of ELT, variations of this debate can be seen too, as evidenced by this recent article in the Guardian which came out about Singlish (English from Singapore).

Now, I don’t pretend to have any answers, or even particularly strong feelings on the subject, but it does seem to me that this ad does say a lot about the current state of world English.  After all,

  • it is written in English
  • it includes lexis for a specific non-native English speech community (Filipinos)
  • it is posted in a prominent spot, in an Arabic-speaking country in the Middle East

I’m not sure who English belongs to, but it certainly isn’t me (and that’s just the way I like it).


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